Why Dr. Lori?


You Will Feel Confident in Choosing Us!

We appreciate your desire to seek the best possible orthodontic care. We pride ourselves on our honesty, our patient respect, and the assurance to provide you with the best possible treatment. Here are a few reasons to choose our office for your orthodontic needs:

Is the doctor an orthodontic specialist?

Yes. Dr. Smith has taken an additional two years of post-graduate orthodontic training beyond the four years of dental school. See education details on the Meet Dr. Lori page. She is an orthodontic specialist registered as a member of the American Association of Orthodontists and limits her practice specifically to orthodontics. Orthodontics isn’t just something that we do- It is all that we do.

Do you get patients in and out of braces during the estimated treatment time?

The most frequently asked question in any orthodontic practice is, “When will I get my braces off?” We have a very high success rate of completing treatment during the estimated treatment time. Dr. Smith pays particular attention to dental age and does not start treatment too early. Our treatment techniques, bracket placement, and an efficient system to monitor treatment progress all combine to complete treatment during the estimated time with the best possible final results.

Does the doctor place all of the braces herself?

Yes! This is a very important aspect of treatment. The placement of the braces is a technically detailed procedure and, when done properly, the final orthodontic result is achieved easier and faster. Assistants do not have the training or license to position the braces on the teeth. In our practice, Dr. Smith attaches the braces to the teeth.

Do you re-use brackets that have been used in someone else’s mouth?

We do not recycle bands or brackets- ever! Believe it or not, this is a common practice that can save the doctor hundreds of dollars per patient. Even though the recycled brackets are sterilized, we feel that this is a disservice to the patient. Patients who receive recycled braces are not informed of this, and they think that they are getting new braces. Braces are precision devices which are manufactured and intended for single use only.

How much is the treatment fee?

Orthodontics is an investment for a lifetime and we feel that finances should not be an obstacle in receiving excellent orthodontic care. Orthodontic fees and philosophies may vary widely amongst offices, and it is important for you to be comfortable with both aspects of the office. It is vital that you also look beyond fees and be satisfied with the quality of care that you will receive.  We want you to know that you we feel honesty and sincerity with our patients is very important.  At your first visit, we will give you an estimate of our fee and payment options.  Before treatment begins we will finalize your fee and inform you of what that fee includes so that there are no surprises at the end. Our fee is all-inclusive for what is performed in our office. It includes appliances for the estimated treatment time, radiographs we take during treatment, retainers, and two years of retainer checks.